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Little odds and ends that make life so much easier

3M plastic vinyl tape

Masking uneven surfaces
I use 3M Plastic tape to mask nose cone tips. The tape is more like a stretchy, flexible vinyl and will conform to just about any shape. It can really hug a surface and provide an excellent seal.

Masking paper for painting rockets

Masking Paper
After trying plastic bags, copy paper, aluminum foil, newspaper and any combination of the four, I found that masking paper at the local hardware store works best for me. This masking material has made painting a lot easier and more reliable.

Secure rocket fins.

These fins aren't going anywhere
To secure fiberglass fins, I use multiple techniques.

First, I rough up the tab area with 80 grit sand paper.

Second, I score the tabs in a cross hatch pattern.

Third, I drill alternating divots half-way into the fins. The red circles represent the divot locations on the other side of the fin.

Hoppe's Powder Solvent

Cleaning up Reloadable Motors
Hoppe's Powder Solvent No. 9, a gun cleaning solution, is also very good at cleaning up motor casings.

Miscellaneous 1

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