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Rustoleum Metallics - All that glitters
I've really enjoyed working with the Rust-oleum Stops Rust Metallics line of spray paints. They are thick, fast drying and well behaved. Even though label has instructions on recoat times, I've never had a problem recoating any time. I've had very few problems with pinholes or crinkling.

PML Explorer paint job

Metallics take some skill and common sense
First of all, don't get discouraged. The Rustoleum metallics are somewhat transparent and require multiple coats before producing an even finish. My recent teal colored Aerotech Sumo took four coats. Don't try to cut corners by laying down heavier coats. This just kind of pushes the metallic particles around.

PML Explorer paint job Rust-Oleum 7250 Black Night Metallic and 7271 Silver Metallic.
Uneven streaks are going to be the biggest challenge to overcome with metallics. Streaks are less visible in the darker metallics and should be easier for beginners to work with. Flaws in skills and workmanship will be most visible with silver. Technique is important, you want an even distribution the reflective metallic particles. If you are too close, the propellant will “push” the metal particles aside leaving you with a dull area. Too far and it's laying down coarse, dry metallic dust. The goal is to find the right distance where you are “laying” the particles on your rocket.
PML Ariel paint job Rust-Oleum 7257 Bright Blue Metallic and 7271 Silver Metallic over Krylon Gloss White.

The metallics are a fairly high build (thick) paint and the particles are large enough to produce a rough. This occurs mostly at the edge of the spray pattern. By the third coat, limit sanding to precision, pin point areas. Sanding large areas, can appear as dark dull areas.

PML Ariel paint job This high gloss finish was achieved by three clearcoats over Rust-Oleum 7250 Black Night Metallic and an application of Meguiar's Cleaner Wax.

Sealing Metallics with a Clear Coat
It is my opinion that metallics will oxidize and dull. Allow your metallics to dry for about a week and then clear coat them. I typically apply 3 clear coats. This greatly enhances color and specular highlights. The depth and beauty of this technique really needs to be seen in three dimensions. The first clear coat should be fairly light to avoid agitating the metallic paint's final coat.

Don't Panic!
Occasionally, the Rust-Oleum clear coat has a cloudy light brown color while wet. Don't worry, it clears up as it dries.

Masking Paper
I've wasted countless hours because of bad masking materials. Masking Paper, is a good masking material, is inexpensive, and will saving you from a lot of heartaches.

A month later, I seal everything with several applications of Meguiar's Cleaner Wax. I guess you'd call it a paste. This is also a terrific wax for buffing out scuffs and scratches after a flight.

Not all of the Metallics line are created equal
Actually, for the most part they are. They all seem to use a silver reflective particles.This works better for some colors better than others. I haven't used the entire line, but here are the ones I'd recommend to use or avoid.

7250 Black Night Metallic
7254 Brilliant Teal Metallic
7257 Bright Blue Metallic
7271 Silver Metallic
7270 Gold Rush Metallic

Chrome (too delicate)
7256 Apple Red Metallic, just looks dull, think solid red with white reflective speckles.

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