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Internal Fillets 1
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PML Quasar rocket

I found the PML Quasar very challenging when it came to the internal fillets. My solution was to use a syringe to inject the epoxy through holes drilled in the airframe close to the fin slots.

The fins were tacked in place with CA and the aft centering ring was installed to prevent the epoxy from leaking out the back.

Magic tape was placed over the holes to keep the epoxy from leaking out. The holes are eventually hidden by the external fillets.

The syringes weren't cheap, so I reserve this technique for rockets that specifically require it such as the PML Quasar or my upscaled Quest Intruder, the SkyPirate, which required getting epoxy about eighteen inches into a three inch airframe.

PML Quasar rocket
Internal Fillets 1

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