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SkyPirate painting phase

March 8-11, 2003
We've had the most uncooperative weather ever in North Texas. When it wasn't raining, it was humid, then it got cold. I had reached a point on the painting where I didn't want to ruin the paint job for lack of patience. So finally, this weekend, I got to resume painting the wing details.

Last year, I had bought some paper specifically for masking at the local Home Depot. It has worked great and will become a regular part of my masking techniques.

While removing some of the masking paper, I discovered I hadn't layered the sheets of the mask well and an area on the airframe about two inches by one inch had a nasty black streak of Krylon on it. This was a real heartbreaker that had a happy ending.

While thinking over (dreading) how I was going to touch this up, I came up with a very lucky solution. As I had mentioned in my paint section (at least I hope I did), the Dupli-Color paints seem to be a little more chemically resistant than the Krylon or Rust-Oleum paints. Both of these paints can be dissolved with alcohol. I had never tested the Dupli-Color's resistance to alcohol, so now was a good time to see what it would do. I found some test scraps painted months ago and they held up well. I wiped away the mistake with paper towel moistened with alcohol and immediately removed any lingering alcohol with a dry paper towel. Whew!

SkyPirate painting phase
SkyPirate paint phase
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