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March 19, 2002
Launch lugs and internal fillet
Applied the ACME conformal launch lugs using the enclosed adhesive. Working around the launch lugs, I applied four of the eight internal fillets for the main fins using West System epoxy and their 403 microfiber filler.

The internal fillets were more challenging than a typical project. With a work space about a half inch wide and a depth of around eighteen inches, getting enough epoxy dispersed evenly, quickly and where it needed to be was going to be a challenge. My initial effort was to tape a plastic spoon to the end of a dowel with electrical tape. I would mask off the back end of the rocket with paper. Then I would mix up a batch of epoxy and pour it into the spoon. With the rocket roughly upside-down from where I needed to apply the fillet, I would slide the plastic spoon, face up, well inside the rocket. Then I would turn the whole rocket and spoon right side up and let the epoxy pour into place. This worked, but was fairly tedious and very messy.

Eventually, I went back to the technique used on the PML Quasar. With this method, I drilled holes through the body tube and injected the epoxy into place. This was a lot easier, faster and cleaner.

I also tested my concept for aligning the strakes to the main fins. Looks like it's going to work well. Kind of looked like a rocket in traction.

SkyPirate rocket underconstruction

March 20, 2002
Tacked the tail fins

I tacked the tail fins and applied two of the eight internal fillets for them.

SkyPirate under contruction    
SkyPirate under contruction    
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