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PML Ariel 1
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society
Right now this rocket is my pride and joy. My construction skills finally reached a satisfactory level.

The coupler for the payload section seemed very thin. My thoughts are that the coupler was made of a pealed down phenolic tube. More recent couplers look they were manufactured specifically to be couplers and are much thicker. First Quantum tube was puckered badly around the fin slots. PML was great about fixing this.

Rust-Oleum Auto Primer 2801
Krylon Gloss White
Rust-Oleum Bright Blue Metallic 7257
Rust-Oleum Metallic Silver 7271
Rust-Oleum Black Night Metallic 7250

Looking back through some old notes, I remembered I was originally going to try to do a very antique/nostalgic paint scheme. I'll have to do that on a future project.

Diameter: 3.0"
Height: 58"
Weight: 51 oz.
MMT: 54/38/29mm Kwik-Switch

PML Ariel rocket on the launch pad, November 9, 2002  
PML Ariel  

PML Ariel rocket, September 7, 2002


PML Ariel rocket video


Ariel rocket ready to launch


Ariel Rocket video


Rocket recovery, February 17, 2002


PML Ariel rocket


PML Ariel rocket in the prep area



PML Ariel rocket on the launch pad, October 28, 2001



Recovery area of the PML Ariel rocket, October 28, 2001



PML Ariel under construction PML Ariel rocket (right)


Date Motor Comments
November 9, 2002 H73J  
October 28, 2001 H73J  
February 17, 2002 I161W  
September 7, 2002 H112J  
PML Ariel 1

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