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Launch Reports
October 28, 2001 1 2 3 4 5
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society
PML Ariel cradled on a chair Windom, Texas
Sunny with mild winds. October saw the long awaited launch of the my PML Ariel "SoundImage" rocket. October was also the first month that I started pushing the nickname "SkyPirate"
PML Ariel cradled on a chair The Ariel turned out very well.There was some very minor cloudiness in one of the sanded clear coats that is a little more visable in the sunlight.
PML Ariel on the launch pad

The SkyPirate's PML Ariel loaded with an Aerotech H73J on the pad. The winds were getting high and I was a little worried about weather cocking with the lower average impulse motor. A nice slow flight.

PML Ariel at the recovery site "SoundImage" was recovered in good shape. There were a lot more chips in the paint than I was used to. I probably need to change primers.
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