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August 18, 2001 1 2 3 4
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society
A PML Black Brant launches

August 18, 2001
McGregor, Texas

With the first half of the day being very overcast, the Dallas Area Rockets Society's Heart of Texas, H.O.T. (my flash promotion for the event) was a lot more comfortable than I had expected.

The other pleasant surprise was how great carpooling to a launch can be. It's a great time to share construction ideas and get to know other rocketeers.

If you can provide any information on any of these images please contact me.

Tim and Beth Sapp being interviewed At McGregor, we seem to get local news coverage with every launch and this one was no exception. Tim and Beth Sapp prep for an interview with a local television station.
An Estes Big Bertha This was the first launch that I focused on capturing a few still images with my digital camera. Here an Estes Big Bertha blasts off the model pads.
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