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Launch Reports
November 9 , 2002 1
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society
SkyPirate's PML Ariel on the pad.

Turkey Shoot
Windom, Texas

The last club launch of the year. Constant high winds and an under powered rocket made for a somewhat erratic flight. My PML Ariel made its fourth flight, the time on an Aerotech H73J. I expected the wind to produce severe weathercocking (flying into the find). Instead, the first half of the flight was all over the place and the second half straight as an arrow. At apogee, it reached a perfect stall and just sat there waiting for motor deployment. What was supposed to be a short delay wasn't and the rocket fell about fifty feet before the parachute finally deployed.

PML Ariel "SoundImage" on its fourth flight on a an H73J  
November 9, 2002 1

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