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PML Small Endeavor 1
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society

My first venture into high powered rocketry never got off the ground. None of this was the rocket's fault. The Small Endeavor is a very good looking rocket with excellent PML quality. It was strictly a lack of experience on my part. I made too many mistakes and decided to abandon the project.

I regularly see experienced rocketeers suggest the Small Endeavor to novices for their first Level 1 project. Many beginners take this advice and do make successful Level 1 certification flights. However, I don't agree with this recommendation and here's why.

The other advice frequently offered to novices is the "Keep It Simple" rule. The Small Endeavor breaks this rule. It has twice as many fins. Resulting in twice as much work and twice as many things that can go wrong.

If you're searching for a 2.6" rocket for your Level 1 attempt, I would recommend the often overlooked PML Explorer instead. It is a good looking rocket and more practical for the beginner. After you get your Level 1 certification, you can always look at the 4 inch PML Endeavor for a Level 2 project.

Dia.: 2.6"
Height: 47.25"
Weight: 35 oz.
MMT: 38mm

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Small Endeavor 1

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