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PML Phobos 1
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society
PML Phobos rocket in flight, July 24, 2004 PML Phobos rocket

My third PML kit? This poor rocket was nearly two years old before it was ever flown. I had taken it to a number of launches, but just never got around to flying it.

Dia.: 2.1"
Height: 57"
Weight: 32 oz.
MMT: 29mm

Krylon white and grey primers
Krylon White
Krylon Banner Red
Krylon Black

PML Phobos rocket on the launch pad



video of the PML Phobos rocket launching



Recovery are of the PML Phobos rocket




PML Phobos rocket on the launch pad



Recovery area of the PML Phobos rocket hidden by plants

PML Phobos rocket after landing  
Complete PML Phobos, Io and Explorer rockets PML Phobos rocket (left)  
Date Motor Comments
April 27, 2002 F52-5T  
September 7, 2002 G64-7W  
July 24, 2004 G64W  
PML Phobos 1

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