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Fleet Status 1
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Can you only fly them once?
A lot people outside the hobby ask about the longevity of high powered rockets. This is going to vary from person to person. I prefer to fly low, slow flights. Altitudes between 1,200 and 3,800 feet and speeds of around 300 mph. So far, they've all come back in one piece.

The paint gets scratched and chipped, mostly on the corners of the fins, around the launch lugs and at the tops of the booster sections. In general, I've inflicted more damage knocking them over at home than they've received from flying.

  Fleet Status
  Make and Model Flights   Status
  Aerotech Warthog   5   Operational
  Aerotech Arreaux   1   Under repair, damage report
  PML Tethys   1   Operational, damage report
  PML Patriot   5   Operational
  PML Phobos   3   Operational
  PML Explorer   1   Operational
  PML Eclipse   -   Under construction
  PML Quasar   -   Under construction
  PML Io   3   Operational
  PML Ariel   4   Operational
  Aerotech Sumo   -   Under construction
  EVI 3X Intruder - SkyPirate   -   Under construction
  PML Tiny Pterodactyl   -   Under construction
  PML D Region Tomahawk   -   Under construction
  PML Intruder   -   Under construction
  LOC V2   -   Under construction
      25   Flights Total
Fleet Status 1

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