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3D rendering of the SkyPirate

Whenever rocketeers come across my collection of Quest Intruders, they react by saying one of the following.

A. Is that supposed to be an Estes Interceptor?
B. Oh, that's Quest's Interceptor wannabe.
C. Cool!

All three responses are correct, but I prefer the last. I've always preferred to march to the beat of a different drum and an upscaled Quest Intruder allows me to continue that tradition. The world already has at least four upscaled Estes Interceptors, a fifth just seemed pointlessly repetitive. Enter the Quest Intruder, a rocket remarkably similar to the Interceptor, but different enough to satisfy my needs for individuality. I'm trying to create a construction diary, for the next page in that diary click here.

Blueprints of the SkyPirate

Height: 61.5 inches
Wingspan: 20.4 inches
Diameter: 3 inches

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