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SkyPirate with the two main wings in place Honey, there's a strange rocket at the door...

March 17, 2002
Main fins get tacked

Early in the day, I installed the motor mount in the airframe. I reinforced the forward centering ring using my own technique that I'll go into later. The foamcore templates did their job. I had originally intended for the templates to serve as a cradle while adhering the six fins. However, the templates were a lot flimsier than I expected and I had to resort to using a Robart Stand to support the weight of the rocket. The paper layer of the foam would also tear away far too easily (even 3M Magic tape!). So, I reinforced the edges with packing tape.

SkyPirate with the two main wings in place I bet it's trying to sell really expensive candy for a high school band trip or something.

March 18, 2002
Rocketry Luncheon!
A number of us got together for lunch to chat about rockets. Afterwards, I stopped by Texas R/C Modelers for supplies.

SkyPirate with the two main wings in place Well, maybe if we just ignore it, it 'll go away.

Is that dental floss?
Yes, it is. PML's instructions suggest:

Make 3 or 4 tabs using cellophane tape as shown above to aid in removing the ring later

This just hasn't worked for me. The tape tears and I end up prying the centering ring out with a knife.

Instead, I've found that Glide Dental Floss is almost flat as tape and much stronger. It's wider than most dental floss, but it can still cut into the plywood centering rings if you're not careful about how you align it with the wood grain. I use mint or cinnamon flavor.

Note: The best way to avoid putting that shockcord under a fin is with some alignment marks. Note the red lines on both the airframe and motor tube.

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