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PML Pterodactyl Jr. 1
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society
PML Tiny Pterodactyl and Pterodactyl Jr. PML Tiny Pterodactyl and PML Pterodactyl Jr. (right).

Under construction - PML now makes three sizes of the Pterodactyl, the Pterodactyl, Pterodactyl Jr. and the Tiny Pterodactyl. I had a lot of fun building PML's Tiny Pterodactyl and decided to move up to the Pterodactyl Jr. I bought the kit in late 2002 and the parts were all superior to PML's usual high standards. The fins and slots were very precisely cut.

Dia.: 3.9"
Height: 41"
Weight: 39 oz.
MMT: 38mm


Date Motor Comments
PML Pterodactyl Jr. 1

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