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Aerotech Warthog 1
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SkyPirate's Aerotech WartHog rocket Aerotech Warthog rocket.

Aerotech rockets are excellent way for model rocketeers to transition to high powered rockets. The Warthog is especially sturdy, although I chose to leave off the little plastic pieces of trim. These just seemed like an unnecessary source of drag.

Stylistically the nose cone seems a little long for a military missile. Descriptively, a warthog has a short blunt snout. I'd like to see this model with a Patriot missile proportioned nose cone.

Length: 37"/94 cm
Diameter: 2.6"/6.7 cm
Nose Cone: 5:1 Ogive
Weight (without motor): 14oz/400gms
Fins: 4-Clipped delta with double wedge airfoil
Stages: 1
Motor Mount: 29mm (includes 24mm adapter)
Recovery System: Parachute
Product No. 89018

Krylon Primer
A ridiculously large assortment of Krylon paints

Date Motor Comments
Februry 12, 2000 G80T  
July 8, 2000 G80T  
September 16, 2000 G80T  
April 21, 200 F?? Minor water damage to the tail section of the rocket.
October 28, 2001 G80T Nearly lost it on it's retirement flight.
Aerotech Warthog 1

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