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PML Tethys 1
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PML Tethys and Patriot rockets PML Tethys rocket (left)

I made my first Level 1 attempt with this rocket. A tangled parachute deployment resulted in nose cone and airframe collision and a fairly quick descent. There was very loud "thung" on impact, but it will fly again.

The Tethys is built like a tank. Good basic design. Beginners may find the Kwik-Switch Motor System a bit of a challenge. I'll have to write a page describing my technique on assembling one.

Dia.: 3.9"
Height: 53"
Weight: 53 oz.
MMT: 54/38/29mm Kwik-Switch


PML Tethys rocket launching

Krylon white primer
Krylon White
Krylon Banner Red
Krylon Black

PML Tethys rocket


PML Tethys rocket in flight


Early photo of the Tethys and Patriot Tethys (left)


PML Tethys and Patriot under construction


Date Motor Comments
July 8, 2000 H123W Nosecone and body tube collided, body tube damaged, parachute tangled, but it will fly again.
PML Tethys 1

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