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Bel Aero 1
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society
The original Bel Aero design
The SkyPirate’s original concept for the Bel Aero
Bel Aero rocket under construction

This original asymmetrical design was inspired by the cars of the 1950's. Most notably, the '57 Chevy and the '57 Chrysler Imperial. The final version will sport chrome trim, and a two tone white and teal paint job.

A smaller and simplified prototype was flown at our Windom Sports Launch on January 19, 2002. The amount of weight it took to stabilize the smaller rocket really surprised me. I've decided to stick with the simplified design for the larger version.

Many thanks to Giant Leap Rocketry for their willingness to cut the fins and slots for this unconventional design.

Diameter: 3.0"
Height: 56"
MMT: 38mm.

Bel Aero rocket under construction
Bel Aero rocket under construction
custom fins by Giant Leap Rocketry

The G10 fiberglass fins were custom cut by Giant Leap Rocketry.

Date Motor Comments
Bel Aero 1

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