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PML Quasar 1
National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society

Quasar with a silver metallic base coat PML Quasar rocket (left).

Bought at NARCON. I think this is a gorgeous rocket with the potential to reach some serious altitudes on a J-motor. The biggest challenge was getting epoxy in the narrow cavities for the internal fillets. Eventually, I decided on my back up plan of sealing the fin canister and injecting the epoxy where needed.

This rocket has been sitting around at least a year, waiting for me to finish the paint job.

Dia.: 2.6"
Height: 56"
Weight: 39 oz.
MMT: 54/38/29mm Kwik-Switch

Dupli-Color T 229 Silver


PML Quasar rocket parts Parts for the PML Quasar rocket (left).



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PML Quasar 1

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