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C clamps and aluminum right angles were used to set and align the strakes

March 23, 2002
Making a splint

Bored with internal fillets (four more to go), I decided to attach a strake to one of the tail fins. A small amount of West System epoxy was applied to the root edge of the strake and lightly held in place with Magic Tape. To align the strake, I used two aluminum right angles. These were placed on both sides of the tail fin and its strake. Pressure was then gradually applied with four C-clamps. Then the epoxy was allowed 24 hours to cure very well.

March 25, 2002
Oh, well...

I thought I was going to be the first to upscale a Quest Intruder. I had done a number of searches and posted on R.M.R. Today, I was digging through some old R.M.R. posts and there it was dated January 19, 1997.

Ninth.. was a 3x scale-up of the Quest Intruder, J-90

Some one had beaten me to the punch by about six years! Another thread mentioned a large Intruder crashing at LDRS 16.

Completed two more internal fillets today. Two more to go. Also drilled some very small holes in the rear launch lug to secure it with screws.


4 c clamps holding the fin in place
4 c clamps holding the fin in place
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