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decal mock up
O.K., it's a little confusing. This is mock up of the decals for the SkyPirate. Fins are missing, not at the angles they should be and the airframe is rotated ninety degrees clockwise.

The original decals for the Quest Intruder left a lot to be desired. The production photo and the actual decals are quite different (also note that the bottom fins are different). I don't want to get into a heavy critiquing of decals. They just weren't good enough. Between my art degree and drafting skills, I ought to be able to come up with something more convincing. The first thing I realized was how very little I knew about airplane and their markings. A lot of work and research went into getting something close to right. Every number has a meaning with the "N" number being the single most unusual. I gave it a Dutch "P" number instead. TY for Tyndall and the 95th Fighter Squadron stationed at Tyndall, that just happens to have a skeleton in their insignia.

Obviously, some items were borrowed from the Estes Interceptor and Der Red Max. I've always liked Der Red Max's skull and cross bones. These's a happier, more upbeat look to it than most.

Macross insignia I didn't want any known national markings, so I borrowed additional insignias from the Japanese animated series "Robotech/Macross". This works really well for the SkyPirate since the insignia has both a rocket and sail appearance. Doing the geometry was a fun mental puzzle as well.
SkyPiratess SkyPiratess
SkyPiratess SkyPiratess

The SkyPiratess
A very international project., Ashley Martin from South Africa, created the bomber nose art for the SkyPirate.

Note, the watermark will not be on the actual project.

The SkyPiratess gets censored in Missouri
I found a custom decal vendor on the internet that looked promising. Called them up and gave an explanation about what I was up to, even the bomber nose art. Every seemed fine. Weeks later, I had not heard from them, so I called. One of the employees told me owner had objected to the artwork and refused to do it.

I emailed the owner curious to find out what he objected to, but never heard from him.

While there is no nudity, the tan colored shirt probably didn't help.

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