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Trinkets on the Midway 1
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Do you remember when the internet was new? Back then I had three reoccurring thoughts.

  1. I wanted to own the toll booth at end of the Information Super Highway
  2. Some businesses would actually be losing money by having a web site.
  3. Most of the stuff I found on the Internet was junk. Like worthless trinkets you would win at a carnival midway, then promptly throw away.

Welcome to my trinkets on the midway section. If you're lucky enough to have QuickTime and a computer and browser that aren't hostile to QuickTime, you can enjoy these novelties that probably aren't worth the time to download.

I have seen these work on a PC with Netscape 7.0 and QuickTime.

Quest Intruder QuickTime Movie

Better than a spinning logo
Need I say more? A spinning 3D rendering of a Quest Intruder.

PML Intruder QuickTime Movie

A sequel so soon?
If you liked the first one, why not? A 3D rendering of a PML Intruder.

Quest Intruder QTVR Interactive Movie
A QTVR Object movie of the SkyPirate allows you to see this rocket from over 600 different angles. If you have QuickTime and a fast modem or a LOT of time, it might be worth it. Truly a "trinket on midway"
Trinkets on the Midway 1

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