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National Association of Rocketry Dallas Area Rocket Society
rocket landing near the launch pad   A rocket makes a picture perfect landing just a few feet away from the pad it was launched from.
recovery deployment test

Richard Benevides tested the recovery system on his latest project.

The test was a success, it pulled out the drogue parachute from the nose cone as designed, leaving the main parachute in the body, to be released later by the Blacksky AARD.

His L3 ship that will be named ‘Fear This! Al Qaeda!’ It is 8.5ft tall, 7.5" in dia. and weighs at 30lbs. It is a scratch built rocket of his own/RocSim design.  Poly NC w/fiberglass tail cone.  One coat each of 12, 6 and 2 oz figerglass.  An adjustable weight system will allow the nose cone’s weight to be changed for different types and sizes of motors.

LOC Aurora launching   A LOC Aurora is sacrificed to the rocket gods.
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